KidzLife, PreK, Tykes, and Nursery consists of fun-filled, age appropriate environments designed just for your kids! Services for the older child are high-energy experiences that include age appropriate lessons, games, prizes, multimedia and a caring staff. Below are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I check-in my kids?

Checking your children into our PreK, Tykes and Kidzlife is quick and painless. If you are a first-time visitor, you will check in your child(ren) at our welcome center. Your child will be issued a name tag and you will be issued a corresponding sticker/id tag for child pickup. Return attendees will go directly to the check-in kiosks located in the foyer.

What ages may attend?

KidzLife is for children from Kindergarten to 5th grade.
is designed for 4 & 5 year olds.
TykesLife consists of 2 & 3 year olds.
is provided for infants through 23 months.

For grades 6-12, more information can be found on the Student Ministries page.

How secure are the Kidz classrooms?
We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the safety of every child who comes to our services. Each child has a name tag that is matched to a parent/guardian id. Volunteers are screened with an interview and federal background safety check. Our environments are monitored with security personnel. Safety is one of our top priorities.

What is your goal for Kidz Ministries at FFC?

The goal is to provide a loving and exciting environment where children can learn about God and His love. We believe that it is our responsibility to partner with parents as they seek to raise their children to know who God is and how much He loves each of us.

Pick up procedure?
We ask that you pick up your child no later than 15 minutes after the service has ended. Upon return to your child, we ask that you present the receipt that you received at check in for proper identification. If you do not have your receipt, we may ask you to present a photo id. We hope you understand that we make the safety and protection of your child a top priority. Therefore, we allow no exceptions to the check-in and pick-up procedures.

How do you handle special needs?
Special needs such as allergies or other needs will be listed on a child’s name tag so that classroom volunteers will be aware of those. For children with special
needs or requiring individual care, please contact our Children’s Pastor prior to your visit so we can be sure to make accommodations.

We feel that we have created a safe place where our youngest children are nurtured and loved. We are committed to sharing God’s word in a creative and caring manner. Through these early years of spiritual training, we hope to build the spiritual foundation that will inspire him/her to make the everlasting connection with Jesus Christ. We pray for a loving, Christian atmosphere and for the understanding and cooperation of all of us as we work together for the good of your child. We want everything we do to be for God’s glory.
What to bring?
1. A minimum of 2 disposable diapers (no cloth diapers, please)
2. A minimum of one change of clothing in case of soils/spills
3. Bottle (if applicable) with formula and feeding instructions
4. Pacifier (if used)

For safety and security reasons, please do not leave any medications or personal items (such as wallets, phones, keys, etc.) in your child’s bag. Nursing mothers please contact one of our staff if you need a private area to nurse your child.

Good Health…
In order to prevent the spread of illness, children who show signs of fever or any other contagious symptoms should not be brought to any areas where other children are present.

How can I be involved (Opportunities for parents)?
At FFC we believe that one of the best ways for parents to be involved in what their children are learning is to become a part of the KidzLife/TykesLife team. Volunteers are the heart of our ministry that helps spread the gospel with our children. We have several opportunities for you to serve. For further information on volunteering your time, please call the office at 573-302-0223 or fill out our VOLUNTEER form.